Phasenübergänge Vol.2

A phase transition causes a symmetry breaking process. Time and matter are created. Matter makes up only a small part of the visible universe. 99.8% of matter consists of binding energy. When looking at the universe, people are mainly thinking of matter. But most of the universe consists of nothing, and this nothing is not “nothing”, but a vacuum.

When water is cooled down very gradually and without any interference it will can liquid even at -17° C. However, the smallest disturbance will cause it to freeze immediately. This is an abrupt phase transition. This kind of abrupt phase transition took place during the early stage of our universe while it was cooling down.

In physics, a particle can also mean a wave. A particle can be understood as a wave within a physical field. Whether we see a particle as a wave depends on our reference system.

What we can see of the universe is limited by the speed of light, or the event horizon. If there is a particle behind the event horizon and its corresponding antiparticle is in front of it, we think that there is no particle. But it is there. Only we cannot see it.

Phase Transitions is a dance composition of set structures and forms which follow complex rules and change according to these rules. The forms change their state through phase transitions and in different reference systems.

We are waves/lines/points within three-dimensional fields. We move relative to matter/mass/molecules/elementary particles; sound/noise – light/energy; state of increasing entropy/time. We focus on the interaction between all of these.

Our performances change the public spaces in which they take place. Those who view our performances will perceive these spaces differently because something took place there. The imprints of our performances, though invisible, will remain, similar to the way that our DNA can be traced in places after we have left.

Performances took place and where filmed at Scharounplatz, Scharaun in Siemensstadt, Märkisches Viertel in Berlin and at Place de l’independence in Lomé

Concept, idea, choreography: Nuria Hoeyng, Anne-Kathrin Tismer

Dance Vol 1: Nora Fuchs, Nuria Hoeyng, Merav Leibküchler, Anne-Kathrin Tismer

Dance Vol 2:…joined by Joël Adjamlan, Hilère Anoumou, Guy Loccoh, Adje Mensah, Mawuena Koffi Tchao

Music: Yeong Die

Field recordings: Anne-Kathrin Tismer

Music mix: Nuria Hoeyng

Camera Berlin: Leon Michel

Camera dance, cut, effects: Nuria Hoeyng

Camera Lomé: Apote Sylvain

Costume: All

Production: Keno Tismer, Natascha Tertre

Photography: Bahar Kaygusuz

Performance support Scharoun Platz: Joy Bai, Keno Tismer

Vol 3… Camera Siemensstadt, Märkisches Viertel: Knut Klaßen

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance.


Many thanks to: Neslihan Arol, Anael Berkowitz, On-Chan, Mustafa Cicek, Familie Fuchs, Nicolás García, Miriam Röstlinger Goldkuhl, G.W. Haberstock, Felicitas Hoeyng, Katharina Hoeyng, Samantha Hoeyng, Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, Velvel Hungerbühler, Carsten Krohn, Jochen Manz, Theaterhaus Mitte, Jaro Straub, Luise Tismer, Wolfgang Tismer, Sedef Tunc, Helgard Wiers, Familie Wilson, Alma Siedhoff Buscher Institute for Architecture art, Installation and Moving objects 2025, Michiko Yamawaki University of Hip Hop and Science Berlin Lomé Taipeh Boston 2025